How to get started

How to get started! FAQ


What’s the product?

5 x Blaupunkt batteries in a packet consisting of 2 x AA and 3 x AAA.

Each fundraising carry box contains 15 of these packets. Each packet sells for $5.

 How much will it cost me?

Each fundraising box of 15 packs costs you $45 (incl GST).

 How much can we make?

Each fundraising box of 15 packs sells for $75. A profit of $30 per box! (incuding GST). Each student/member is more than capable of selling 2 -3 boxes each.

Here’s some examples of potential profit:

No. of Participants
Battery Fundraising Box (consists of 15 pks)
2 Boxes sold by each participant
2 Boxes sold by each participant
2 Boxes sold by each participant
2 Boxes sold by each participant
2 Boxes sold by each participant
Total Sales


Blaupunkt Batteries are Premium Quality European batteries.

 How do we sell them?

A common model in NZ schools and clubs is the carry pack students/members take home. Containing all the information they need to sell the product, this is simple and tidy. We will provide you with all the information necessary to help you achieve your goals. We also provide some great incentives for the students/members to reward them for their efforts.

 Do I have to pay up front?

No. We ask you to complete an order form and payment is made 30 days after receiving stock, which should be approximately one week after the completion of your fundraising campaign.

 How long will it take to do?

We have devised the campaign process to run over 2 weeks, but we can tailor it to be shorter or longer as required. Quick and easy!

 How many people from our end does it take to run this fundraising campaign?

Can be a little as one person – but depends on the number of students/members involved. We can advise on this.

 Will you help?

Absolutely! We will be available on phone, email or in person to ensure everything gets underway without a hitch and contactable at any stage if you need help.

 What if we don’t sell everything?

So long as the packaging is in ‘as new’ condition, you can return unsold stock for a refund.

This sounds awesome – sign me up! What do I need to do now?

Email or phone us on the contacts below. We’d love to chat with you and find a solution for your needs.