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Looking for a new way to raise money for your child's school, club or sports team?

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Fundraising essential for schools to financially support sports teams, clubs, events, class trips, and building repairs and expansions. School fundraising has been around for decades.

While the major benefit of carrying on fundraising efforts in schools is the promotion of an admirable work ethic, other benefits are commonly derived as well. These benefits may be ascribed to three distinct elements namely; the students, the parents and the school/club itself.

Benefits for the Students

Fundraising has advanced way beyond the old methods of tossing up lemonade stands or sponsoring cookie sales. Schools now run and take part in elaborate schemes to raise money for specific causes. From hosting talent shows and competitions to partnering with large companies to sell personalized products at a reduced cost, school fundraising has stepped up its game. The children involved inevitably pick up valuable selling, marketing and communication skills that can transcend through the school yard.

The Ability to Work in Teams. Working with others toward a common goal is an important part of school fundraising. It teaches kids to be able to compromise in group situations and also to be able to act appropriately in both leadership and subordinate roles. These lessons are also able to serve them well in their adult lives.
Instilling the Importance of Community and Charity.