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Go Get It is a brand new New Zealand company run by two families who care about offering sensible, practical and innovative fundraising opportunities for your school, sports group, club, community groups etc.  We are tired of seeing our children fundraising by having to sell unhealthy confectionary and food items to raise money. So we’ve done something about it!

We’ve taken a big step in changing the old model and are excited to be working with a high quality European brand through its Australian and New Zealand distributors to bring you an easy to sell practical product used in every home. Blaupunkt batteries sit alongside the best brands currently available in New Zealand for quality and performance. We have negotiated an amazing deal on these with the distributor so that we can offer them to groups for fundraising. 

All our staff understand the necessity of fundraising. We all have school aged children, children who belong to clubs and sports teams, children who we ask to raise money to build something, buy something or be something. Lets help them get there with a useful, reputable product and incentives that encourage them to be active and healthy.

How can we help you to achieve your fundraising goals? Let’s talk!


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