Fundraising Products

Looking for a new way to raise money for your child's school, club or sports team?

For decades confectionary sales have offered a quick and easy way for students to raise money for school trips, playground equipment and extracurricular activities. But amid growing concerns about childhood health and wellbeing and efforts to eradicate junk food from our children’s diets, many Schools across the country are putting a stop to confectionary fundraisers, moving away from what chocolate suppliers argue is a lucrative source of revenue.

 As being parents of school-aged children we share the same concerns. We have spoken to many parents who all want to see the schools fundraise using products other than high-fat & high-sugar laden foods. Therefore, after conducting substantial research we have come up with a fundraising proposal that offers the opportunity to access a well-known high quality European product for a competitive price with an attractive profit for the school.

We have custom designed the ideal “FIVE FOR FIVE” Blaupunkt fundraising battery pack initiative. That is, 5 x Blaupunkt batteries (package consists of 2 x AA and 3 x AAA) for only $5. This combination of batteries has been selected to ensure the ease of selling into every home via a fundraising box pack that consist of fifteen “5 for $5” battery packets.

Each fundraising box of 15 packs sells for $75. A profit of $30 (inc gst) per box!