GO GET IT supporting children in fiji

Sanasana Village, Natandola FIJI

For the last four years we have visited Sanasana village, my two girls have formed a lovely friendship with two sisters in the village, Kalesi 8 and Maki 10. They enjoy spending time in the village and always have loads of questions about village life. Maki and Kalesi have another 4 sisters and a brother. Like the majority of other families in the village, they live in a very basic and small one bedroom concrete room approx. 6x6, they do not have power, and the house has one single bed and two pillows, Maki tells us the baby sleeps on the pillow and the children share the bed on a first in first serve basis. A very humbling experience I must say.

What I love most about the Fijian people is their strong sense of community, and they place great importance on family their village and land, with most villagers making their living from the ocean and land. This year the girls and I packed up a suitcase full of clothes, books, pens, toys, puzzles, shoes, go get it sports balls and visited the local supermarket to get a bulk amount of food staples to take to the village. The village children were ecstatic and started a soccer game instantly. The food was distributed by the village spokesperson, to the families that were going through tough times. The girls and I are already planning what to take over next year, and if any of you are planning a Fiji trip….. remember to pack a few extra bit and pieces for the village kids.

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